Dean's message


Welcome to the School of Mechanical, Electronic and Control Engineering (MECE) at Beijing Jiaotong University and thank you for visiting our website. Over the years, we have been acknowledged as one of the finest centers for study of Mechanical Engineering in China.


In 1896, The Nanyang Public School, predecessor of Jiaotong University, was founded. In 1958, Department of Railway mechanics, predecessor of MECE, was founded. MECE has grown over the years: from the original shop or trade culture to a professional curriculum with experimental laboratories and multi-disciplinary challenges. Today, we are one of the largest enrollment academic units on campus. However, throughout our history one thing has always remained constant: excellence in creating and building products, devices, and systems that make the world a better place!


We have always focused our efforts on preparing students to use their innovative skills and strong work ethic to solve real-world problems and improve the lives of people around the globe. Here in the School of Mechanical, Electronic and Control Engineering we inspire dreams, improve minds, ignite curiosity, and define the promise of tomorrow.


We are committed to deliver world-class research and education in the field of Mechanical, Electronic and Control Engineering, with a strong focus on their application in sectors such as energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, advanced manufacturing, smart materials and robotics. Thus, excellent experimental skills, modern labs and specialized equipment are the core of our vision, indispensable for an informed and responsible engagement in society.


Thank you for being here. We invite you to call or visit our school to learn more about our research faculty, our program and specific research areas of study.