Postdoctoral Fellows


In 1958, Department of Railway mechanics, predecessor of MECE, was founded. MECE has grown over the years: from the original shop or trade culture to a professional curriculum with experimental laboratories and multi-disciplinary challenges.


Postdoctoral fellows at MECE play a crucial role in research, teaching and learning activities across the entire academic landscape, including the fields of studies:Institute of Structural Reliability, Institute of Digital Manufacturing and Equipment, Research Institute of Magnetic Fluid, Institute of Rail Transit Intelligent Detection Technology, Electro-hydraulic Servo Control Research Institution, The Robotics Institute, Institute of Advanced Power, The New Energy Vehicles Power Research Institute, Institute of Thermal Engineering, Vibration and Noise Research Institute, Institute of Railcar Materials and Intelligence Forming, Institute of Metallic Material in Railway Transportation, Institute of Rail Transit Special Materials, Academic Team of Mechanism Innovation and Robotics, The Combustion and Thermodynamic System Academic Team, Team of Wireless Sensor Network Technology.


With China’s development in the forefront of international community, there is widespread consensus that China is posing unprecedented opportunities as well as changes. China studies are drawing more and more attention and interests across the entire academia of humanities and social sciences in the world. MECE, with its constellation of prestigious professors and scholars from different studies, offers an ideal and unique academia for international postdoctoral fellows to pursue academic studies through the collaboration with its distinguished experts.


Postdoctoral life is a unique and critical experience in one’s professional career. We encourage all prospective and current postdoctoral fellows to take advantage of the resources to get the most out of your experience at MECE, and wish you a prosperous future in your research endeavors and hope that you find great reward and satisfaction in experiencing Chinese rich and unique culture heritage, and in the relationships you build and cultivate during your time at MECE.