President Wang Jiaqiong Visits School of MECE


On the morning of May 15, President Wang Jiaqiong and other leaders of BJTU visit School of Mechanical, Electronic and Controlling Engineering, listening to the school report on development situation and existing problems in the current stage. President Wang has friendly exchanges and communication with responsible persons of the School.



After the report, president Wang fully affirms the steadfast work made by School and its spirit of innovation for the past few years. He points out that the School needs persistently adhere to the principle of promoting the development of teaching undertakes meanwhile improving the living standards of the faculty and staff. School of MECE must conform to the principle that administrative system provides the very foundation for teacher’s teaching work, and should pay more attention to the building of administrative system. School of MECE should prompt the reform of personnel system, salary system, the governance system, etc., be aware of the University-School two-level management system, motivating faculty and staff for a better overall development of the school. He also makes responses to the most concerned questions such as expansion of school space and housing rentals.


Li Jianyong, dean of the School of MECE analyses the basic situation from aspects of institutional setup, teaching staff, talent training, scientific research, comprehensive strength, planning and vision, and lists the existing problems, development bottlenecks and construction goals. Du Yongping, chairman of school reports the construction of leading group and existing problems. Other persons in charge talked about their opinions and suggestions on the problems in the undergraduate major construction, disciplines development, personnel system and other aspects.



They inspect the Students Mechanical Museum the Student Maker Space which supercharges the development of cultural advancement and education work. Zhao Peng, school director accompanies President Wang in the whole visit