“Meet the Master”Top Academic Forum


On Friday, June 21, 2019, in the large conference room on the 8th floor of the echanical Building of the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, the famous teacher's forum was held. This time, the famous lecturer was fortunate to have invited the researcher of the Institute of Aeronautical Materials of Beijing Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the Institute of Surface Engineering. Director of the Center for Advanced Composite Materials Technology, Jiao Jian, the theme of this famous teacher forum is: SiCf/SiC composite materials for advanced engines and their product manufacturing technologies.



Jiaojian Researcher and Teachers and Students of Our College


At the beginning of the forum, Jiao Jian introduced the research background and status quo of ceramic matrix composites, briefly introduced the related concepts and application fields of ceramic matrix composites for the participants, and combined with his own research experience, made the application of ceramic matrix composites in Aeroengine field.



Jiaojian Researcher's Presentation Conference


Then, the researcher from Jiao Jian began to explain the development history of silicon carbide, and introduced the advantages and disadvantages of the domestic silicon carbide fiber products and the iterative process from the shallower to the deeper. Mainly from the macro and micro properties of the product, composite composite type, densification process and its advantages and disadvantages, influencing factors of SiCf/SiC engineering application for engine, ceramic matrix composite engineering verification process, failure process and failure mode, environmental barrier coating The key issues are explained in detail, which provides direction and ideas for the participants to gradually understand SiCf/SiC.


Then, for the engineering application of SiCf/SiC, Jiao Jian researchers from the background, demand analysis, the application of GE in the United States, the application of the British Rolls-Royce and domestic engineering applications


This report has aroused great interest from teachers and students.


Finally, the participating teachers and students and Jiao Jian researchers conducted a heated discussion. Through this famous lecturer's forum, the teachers and students have a deeper understanding, which is an academic feast for the students present, and has played a leading role in the future graduate life.