【Academic Lecture】Prof. Omid Mahian of Xi’An Jiao Tong University

         Prof. Omid Mahian from Xi’An Jiao Tong University paid an academic communication visit at MECE in the morning of September 24, 2019. Prof. Meiqian Chen and students warmly welcomed the arrival of Omid Mahian. A talk named “How to write scientific papers in short time” was given. About 50 teachers and students were participate in the talk. It was proceeded by both parties afterward in a cordial and friendly atmosphere.


Prof. Omid Mahian was illustrating.

         In this workshop, the strategies for writing a scientific paper in short time are presented. The content of the workshop was as:1. Paper types; 2. What is the easiest way to publish in Nature and Science? 3. Structure of an article; 4. How to choose the best title; 5. How to write the abstract; 6. How to write the introduction, Materials and Methods, discussion and results and the conclusion; 7. Tips for writing articles in English? 8 English edition of article and checking plagiarism; 9. Writing Cover Letter; 10. How to suggest the referees? 11. How to choose the best Journal for submission? 12. How to submit the article?


There are no empty seats in the conference hall.

         The teachers and students actively interacted, and the students asked questions about how to answer the reviewers and how to choose the chief editors of journals. Professor Omid Mahian gave detailed suggestions. After the meeting, Professor Omid Mahian visited the laboratory for thermodynamic analysis under the guidance of Professor Meiqian Chen and students.