【Academic Lecture】Prof. Richard Chahine of Institut de Recherche sur l’Hydrogène Université

In the mornningn of 30th October 2019, were warmly welcomed and received by Associated Professor Zuo-Yu SUN, Univ.-Prof., Dr. Richard Chahine (director of Institut de Recherche sur l’Hydrogène in Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières) together with Univ.-Prof., Dr. Jinsheng Xiao (from [Wuhan University of Technology) paid an academic communication visit at MECE. A talk was proceeded by both parties afterward in a cordial and friendly atmosphere.


Professor R. Chahine (right), Associated Professor Z.Y. Sun (middle) and Professor J. Xiao (left)

It is worth to mention that Institut de Recherche sur l’Hydrogène in Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières presented the 7th International Conference of Energy Engineeringn and Environmental Engineering (hold in this July in Beijing Jiaotong Univeristy, chaired by Associated Professor Z.Y. Sun); and thus this ‘Meet the Master’s Academic Forum’ is also regarded as a return visiting. Later this day, Prof. Richard Chahine gave an academic lecture entitled “HYDROGEN: Tool of Transition to Clean and Efficient Energies” in the conference room at the 8th floor, Mechanical Engineering Building. Associated Prof. Z.Y. Sun and other faculties attended this lecture as well as graduate students from relevant majors.

In this academic lecture, Prof. R. Chahine introduced the current status about hydrogen policy in most countries and the progress of relevant projects; systematically introduces the methods of hydrogen industrial production, focusing on the production efficiency of electrocyclization; systematically explains the characteristics and capacity of different energy storage forms, focusing on the ‘power-to-gas: hydrogen’ and the ‘power-to-gas: methane’. On vehicle, Prof. R. Chahine explains the power assembly principles and structural characteristics of hybrid electric vehicle (HV), pure electric vehicle (EV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHV) and fuel cell vehicle (FCV), and focuses on the proportion of battery parts and the interaction of energy efficiency; furthermore, the key problems of hydrogen energy in power system and family application are introduced.


The lecture brought wide interest among the students

The report expands the academic view sight field and brought great interest among the students. A heated discussion was held during the lecture mainly aim at the technologies issues about hydrogen fuel cell and the environment issues about wasted fuel cell. After the lecture, Professor R. Chahine, Professor J. Xiao and Associated Professor Z.Y. Sun discuss the further international cooperation on hydrogen energy.