【Academic Lecture】Prof. Gerhard Wäscher of University of maderburg

         On the afternoon of December 12, 2019, Professor Gerhard Wäscher from the University of maderburg, Germany, was invited to have academic exchanges with our teachers and students, and made an academic report entitled "Research & Publishing in operations research" in the activity room on the ninth floor of the mechanical building. Lu Yiping, Professor of mechanical and electrical college, and more than 40 graduate students of related majors participated in the forum activity of "Meet the Master".

        The lecture of professor

        This report mainly includes the selection of research direction, research method and process, writing of research papers, selection and publication of journals, etc. First of all, Professor Gerhard Wäscher  introduced his personal research direction and academic achievements; then he shared the process of academic research, including the analysis of his own qualifications and advantages, the selection of research fields and team building, and focused on the emerging research fields, encouraging students to commit to such research; secondly, the professor's evaluation and Discussion on research results Finally, the professor introduces the publishing process of the paper in three aspects: journal selection, paper submission and review response. In view of the rejection of the paper, the professor suggested that students should not be discouraged and try more.

        In this activity, the report not only expanded the students' academic vision, but also aroused everyone's interest in operational research and optimization research. In the course of the report, the students actively raised relevant issues, and had in-depth exchanges and discussions with Professor Gerhard Wäscher on the selection of research fields and research topics, the specification of thesis writing, and the publication of the thesis. They also discussed the status quo of German doctoral degree acquisition, application conditions and the cancellation of the "thesis only" provisions in Tsinghua. After the meeting, the students enthusiastically exchanged contact information with Professor Gerhard w ä Scher in order to further focus on the research trends of operational research and optimization.

        Professor Gerhard Wäscher graduated from Germany's Bohong Ruhr University in 1981. After graduation, he has successively taught at Stuttgart University, Heidelberg University, Brunswick University of technology, and Harley Wittenberg University of Martin Luther. Now he is the professor in charge of the University. Professor Gerhard w ä Scher has rich research experience and outstanding achievements. He has published more than 60 papers. He has been the main director of many important European academic organizations, including two presidents of German Institute of operational research and one president of German Federation of operational research. His taxonomic research on cutting and layout has been widely cited as a standard.

Prof. Gerhard Wäscher communicates with teachers and students