Emerson (Beijing) Instrument Co., Ltd. visited MECE to carry out school-enterprise cooperation and exchange


On the morning of December 15, 2020, Director Hua Jinming, Manager Sun Yun and Manager Wang Hui from Emerson instrument Co., LTD visited MECE and had an in-depth exchange with relevant institutes and teachers. Vice President Qiu Cheng presided over the meeting.





First of all, Vice President Qiu Cheng extended a warm welcome to the visitors, and introduced the participants and the cooperation background. He said that school-enterprise cooperation is a win-win measure for both sides to complement each other's advantages, which is of great significance for talent cultivation and joint scientific research. He hoped that the two sides could further implement the cooperation content through this discussion. Director Hua Jinming and manager Sun Yun introduced the two aspects of technical exchange and talent training respectively. Director Hua Jinming especially pointed out that the research direction of Emerson company and the scientific research team of our institute is very similar, and expects to deepen the cooperation in the future to realize the win-win cooperation mode between the university and the enterprise.





Then, Professor Jia Li and Associate Professor Yin Jiafei introduced the research results and cutting-edge technologies of the Institute of Thermal Engineering, Professor CAI Yonglin introduced the research direction of the digital manufacturing Technology and equipment academic team, And Professor Jiang Zengqiang introduced the situation and research results of the Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing and Service System. Liu Xiaolong and Chen Yaqiong respectively introduced the research direction and achievements of materials and Lean Forming Research Institute and Robot Center. The two sides communicated and discussed the specific cooperation content, and visited the laboratory together. This visit and exchange will lay a foundation for deepening university-enterprise cooperation and promoting the transformation and industrialization of scientific and technological achievements in the future.