Global Vision into The University of Wollongong, Australia

 On the afternoon of December 3, 2021, the mechatronics Engineering department held the "Global Vision" Lecture series on international universities in The Siyuan Time Cafe. The lecture was delivered by Jessica Sun, Strategic Cooperation Manager, Northeast Asia, International Cooperation Department, University of Wollongong (UOW), Australia. Sun Juanjuan, Zhang Run from the Office of International Cooperation in Running school and all students of grade 19 and 20 of mechanical and electronic Engineering major attended the event.





Jessica Sun first introduced the city of Wollongong where UOW is located, including its location, climate, history and environment. As a result, the students learned that Wollongong is a beautiful seaside city with a pleasant climate and a warm and friendly atmosphere.





 Jessica Sun went on to talk about the Division of Engineering and Information Science where mechatronics engineering is located. The division covers a wide range of disciplines including engineering, computing and Science, and is ranked 83rd in The Times and 8th in Australia. In the ranking of specific disciplines, the superiority of mechanical and electrical engineering is also demonstrated incisively and vividly.





 Jessica Sun also introduced the support that students can get in study, life and practice after coming to UOW, among which UOWx program is the most characteristic. The program improves students' soft skills such as leadership, communication and cross-cultural communication through rich extracurricular activities (internships, social activities, etc.). After completing the activities, UOW also provides the official written certification to visualize these experiences and provide strong support for students' future job hunting. In addition, the one-to-one support plan for senior students promoted by UOW has established an efficient student dialogue system for international students and helped them adapt to overseas life and study as soon as possible.





 At the end of the lecture, Jessica Sun introduced three Chinese alumni from the Sino-foreign cooperation program, as well as many cooperative enterprises. The excellent career development path of previous senior students has given students a more concrete understanding of the future prospects of the project, and enhanced their confidence in further study.





Finally it was time for the long-awaited Q&A. Students grasped the opportunity to communicate with UOW teachers face to face and asked questions about life and study in Australia. During the q&A, the atmosphere was lively and the interactive response was enthusiastic.





In this lecture, Jessica Sun gave a detailed explanation of the University of Wollongong and the Sino-foreign cooperative education program in mechonic Engineering. At last, the excellent employment prospects of the former students also made them see the diversified development opportunities provided by the cooperative education program. The students gained a lot and boosted their enthusiasm for learning and yearning for the future.